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Awesome game! I can't wait for more content :) Good luck with the game!


A real charming and fast paced shooter this looks really promising

one thing I wish it had some visual effect when your shield is low. Things can get real hectic and can be hard to look at the hud especially on the harder difficulties


Looks interesting! Is this likely to be developed further, or should I download this version?

Thanks. It's being developed further.


Played with my daughter and had a lot of fun!

7yo's comments: It was very very fun and it would be very fun to have as a four player game! I liked that you could actually go on top of the monkey bars, and also that there was a dangerous swing! But my favourite bit was the evil clock tower. The only thing I would add is that it was four player.


It was fun a lot. The use of 2.5d is really well done(have you played phantom breaker perhaps?) Where do you make your characters? Im having a bit of difficulty in choosing a software to start from.

Thanks. I haven't played that game, these backgrounds do look like something worth investigating though.

When it comes to picking software, it depends on what you're aiming for. For the characters I used GMS' image editor, a program that doesn't surpass MS Paint that much, but the sprites' outlines are softened in the game.


That was a lot of fun. The shooting is very punchy and satisfying, jumpin' around and shootin stuff feels great.

Your animated menus and HUD are crazy aesthetic! And the attention to detail in background objects is fantastic. Good job, I really enjoyed this.


Made a video -